J O U R N A L 

17 / VII / 2023

“Poetry is empty without

discipline, without piety,

he cautions somewhere,

even his lesser rhymes amount

to more than wrought praise but amplify

his poems as high prayer.”

—Major Jackson, ‘In Memory of Derek Alton Walcott’

Kern Samuel

A good rain is coming, 2022

Acrylic on sewn canvas

27 x 25 in  (68.6 x 63.5 cm)

31 / I / 2023

“[In] Lucien Castaing-Taylor’s [film] Sweetgrass...we watch the men skin lambs who have died in childbirth and tenderly place these pelts onto orphans, whose mothers have died in the same process. Patiently, they coax these lambs towards the mothers who have lost their own offspring.”

Martha Tuttle, Weaving Language I: Lexicon (2022), 21

23 / I / 2023

15 / I / 2023

“The essence of my character—my idea of myself—is that I am a dog. If you keep throwing the ball for me I’ll chase after it and while I am chasing my tail will be wagging and I’ll be happy.”